Saturday, 31 January 2015

Travel in 2015 & Beyond


Exploring in 2015

I've been lucky to travel to some beautiful places in my life. Whether that's speeding down the powdery slopes in the French Alps with my friends, tasting culinary delights in exotic Thailand with my family or enjoying beautiful sunsets with my boyfriend in Spain. 

Travel is one of the most rewarding things you can do in life and in 2015, I'm hoping I can visit a few more places on the map and have some exciting new experiences, as well as revisiting a few favourite places. With saving for a house deposit, this is definitely more of a wishlist than definitive travel plans unfortunately!

My 2015 (& Beyond) Travel Bucket List...

San Francisco, USA

Home of the hugely iconic Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars and apparently lots and lots of fog, San Francisco is really high on my list. Mat and I have been talking about visiting for a while now, as he has been before and wants to explore it even more. 

Ideally, this would be the starting city of our west coast USA to Canada road trip. We're already checking out the best coffee shops to visit. We can dream, eh?

Lake Louise, Canada

There's absolutely no denying the beauty of Lake Louise, situated in Alberta, Canada. The amateur photographer in me is just dying to get out there and take as many photos of it as my SD card can hold! 

It's the perfect pitstop before a week of skiing/snowboarding in the nearby resort of Banff. Although in the summer it looks truly breathtaking. Decisions!

Eiffel TowerImage via Flickr

Paris, France

Ever since I started brushing up on my French again (thanks to iPhone app Duolingo, which I must post about soon), I've been wanting to visit France, particularly Paris. 

I've been once before, but it was bitterly cold, so it'd be great to visit again in the summer. Drinking espressos in the summer sun and eating ALL of the crepes. What could be better?

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

I love this place. Seriously love. I couldn't think of anything more lovely than introducing these beautiful islands to Mat and having him fall in love with them too. 

Thailand in general should be high on everyone's travel bucket list. The people are ridiculously friendly and welcoming, the food is authentic and tasty and the sights are phenomenal. Let's book this one already!

Which destinations are on your travel bucket list this year?

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Thursday, 15 January 2015

This Girl Can



I've spoken about sport and fitness before on the blog, whether it's my attempt to run the 5K Race For Life, or my first experience of beach football or even my girl's guide to snowboarding. As a girl who loved to play in the local football team but hated the thought of P.E classes, I can totally relate to those that have a love/hate relationship with sport and getting more active.

Getting fit and healthier doesn't have to mean going to the gym every night after work. It doesn't even have to mean going to the gym at all. I'm all for finding more (dare I say it...) fun ways to get fit. This amazing campaign by Sport England is all about showing how women of all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life manage to get active in their busy schedules. And they don't give a damn about what they look like whilst doing so. 

Watch the video here:

When I first started snowboarding, I was pretty terrified of falling on my ass in front of everyone and getting laughed at, but that wasn't the case at all. Well, the laughing bit at least. When I fell, I was helped up again. When someone saw a flaw in my technique, they gave me guidance and showed me how to improve. Soon, after a few dramatic tumbles, I learnt to laugh at myself and not to care as much about what people were thinking. Chances are, they're too busy thinking about how they look to take notice of you! 

This Girl Can campaign

I basically want this post to enforce their message. I want to tell you all that you can kick butt at a kickboxing class, you can get down that ski slope without falling on your ass, you can squeeze a Zumba class in after a long day at work and you 100% can join a sports team with absolutely no experience and have the best time. You might not always look good but trust me on this one... it will make you feel good.

Find out more about the #ThisGirlCan campaign here.

What are your tips for those who are anxious about trying new sports & getting fit?

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Modelling in Monochrome

Photo credit: Chiara Fashion

Not Quite Model Material

Photoshoots are possibly one of the most enjoyable and fun perks of being a blogger. You get to delve into the fashion closet of one of your favourite brands, have your hair and makeup done and pose up a storm. But I'm no model. It doesn't come naturally to me at all and I've avoided sharing these photos until now because I wasn't confident enough.

But then I took another look through the photos and I saw them in a different light. I remembered how excited and nervous I was to head along to the photoshoot. How I panicked about the whole thing and nearly got on a train straight back to Manchester. How when I arrived, I was greeted by some lovely staff and even lovelier bloggers. How I munched on pizza but still felt confident to wear bodycon dresses. It built my confidence without me even realising, until now.

These photos might be a little bit posey but they're still lovely. Here's to 2015 and letting our self-confidence shine through... it's in there somewhere!

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